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ATTN: I'm uncancelling this. Latest builds are this way.

Prototype clone of a certain specific franchise from a certain specific publisher while they're off letting it rot. Began as an experiment in infusing its gameplay with the clever design and fantastic kinaesthetics of Zineth.

This is a special build showing off modular architecture that I later went on to drop. It also comes with all the accompanying asset and physics updates, including restructured code, updated physics, animation tweaks, redone player textures and mesh tweaks, plus basic HUD, pedestrian and vehicle functionality.


Primarily designed for and tested with an Xbox 360 controller on Windows. Standalone versions have bindable input and anti-aliasing.

HEADS UP: Xbox bindings might be wrong on Mac and Linux. This page has details.


  • WASD / ZQSD: Move
  • Space / I: Jump
  • Shift / J: Dash/Trick/Spray
  • F / O: Turn
  • Ctrl / P: Tag


  • Movement: Camera
  • Left Click: Dash/Trick/Spray
  • Right Click: Jump
  • Middle Click: Turn
  • Whatever your fourth button is, if you have one: Tag


  • Left stick: Move
  • Right stick: Camera
  • A: Jump
  • LT: Tag
  • RT: Dash/Trick/Spray
  • LB:Turn


On the ground

  • Press Dash within a certain window to dash. Keep doing it in rhythm to build up Voltage, represented by a yellow bar. At high Voltage, you're faster.
  • Past a certain level of Voltage, you'll run on your own. Keep tapping without pushing forward to build up even more speed.
  • Depending on where you are (ground/air/rail/wall), Voltage will deplete at a varying rate.
  • Energy, shown as the purple bar, is your Voltage multiplied by your speed.
  • Given enough Energy, press Turn to evade. There's nothing to evade in this build, it just looks cool.
  • You can't dash while in reverse.
  • Pull back to brake. With enough energy, tap back to enter a drift.
  • Drifting power depends on voltage.
  • Tap forward to exit a drift.

In the air

  • Your gravity is very different depending on whether Jump is held. Make use of this.
  • Press Dash to perform a level 1 trick. Tricks push you further upwards and help with air control. Hold your trick to gain Voltage. You can only trick once per jump, barring the following point.
  • Within a certain window before your trick ends, you can chain another level 1 trick, and so forth.
  • If you land within that window, you're awarded extra Voltage ("Clean" landing). Land before that and you'll lose most of it, plus some of your speed ("Sloppy" landing).
  • Press Dash to cancel a trick and land as normal. This also nullifies your vertical speed, at the cost of your chain window and some Voltage.
  • With enough energy, press Turn while tricking to perform a Level 2 trick, awarding you extra Voltage and height.
  • With maxed energy, you'll see extra trails; hold Turn while chaining a trick to perform a level 3 trick.
  • Hold Turn on landing to 180.


  • Jump onto a rail to grind it.
  • While grinding, pull back to brake.
  • You steadily gain Voltage according to your speed.


  • With enough upwards speed, jump into a wall at an angle to ride it. The more energy you have, the less speed it takes.
  • Pull back to slide downwards.
  • Again, you steadily gain Voltage according to your speed.


  • Tagging spots are marked with an arrow.
  • Hold Tag near a tagging spot to lock onto it. Release to leave it. You can leave a spot at any time and finish it later.
  • Spots have three levels of tag.
  • A cursor will steadily advance through two onscreen bars. Spray only where the bar is white to keep it going.
  • Press Spray at one of the white marks to get a slight speed bonus. These are cumulative as long as you don't leave the spot.
  • Spray patterns depend on the spot. (Tags too, but the build doesn't show it.) Patterns in this particular build are randomised.

Known Bugs

  • "Maxed energy" trails are rendered behind hair
  • (Unity) HUD elements sometimes flicker briefly into the font atlas instead of the appropriate image





Additional code

  • captaingabi
  • Benoît Freslon

General inspiration


"Draw me a sheep"
"Look, ma! I'm on TV!"
"To find oneself"
  • Cathal O'Keeffe
"The Impatient"
  • Aleksandr Panchenkov
  • Ahmad
"The Patient"
"Just give me some fucking money, goddamnit"
  • Lars-Ingvar Andersson


2_Win.zip 64 MB
2_Mac.zip 30 MB
2_Linux.zip 37 MB