one point two

Huge bugfix release with a partial overhaul of movement physics. The gist of it is that I tried to deal with all the known issues and annoyances. Some elements from E2 crept in, namely new animations for Jae.

Fixes include
  • Double landings gone
  • Failing 180 landings gone
  • "Flying" on slopes fixed
  • Movement more solid in general
  • Boss mission now resets properly
  • Some mission checkpoints made easier or more visible
  • Can now jump to the save button in the missions screen by pressing Left or Right
  • Added a teleport back to the observatory at the bottom
  • Rebinds now saved properly
  • Formerly uncredited OST artist now credited in end credits

tl;dr: E1 is now a functional game. Hopefully.

Special thanks to desmond_kof of Dreamcancel whose stream of the game forced me to confront how janky the game really was in real play conditions.

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Aug 26, 2020 153 MB
Aug 26, 2020 163 MB
Aug 26, 2020

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Damn, missed this release for a while now.. So excited to play this, just gotta borrow a gamepad